All in Antarctica

Following Orcas, Humpbacks, Leopard Seals And More In Antarctica

After a failed attempt to stay up all night, to catch the polar wildlife at their most active, the day got off to a good start when we spotted a large pod of around 20 or more Orcas on the starboard side of the ship’s bow. Their striking dorsal fins, up to six feet high, cut through the water at some speed, and occasionally we caught glimpses of the white patches along the sides of their bodies. 

A Land Of Fire And Ice: Deception Island In The South Shetland Islands

Landing ashore on Deception Island, in bitter temperatures with snow and sleet lashing down on me, was a far cry from the luxury and comfort of the ship that I had just left anchored in the bay of this active volcano. After a surprisingly calm 24 hour sea crossing from Ushuaia, through Drake’s Passage in the Southern Ocean, an area notorious for stormy seas, we had arrived at the southwest end of the South Shetland Islands, just off the northwest side of the Antarctic Peninsula.